Founded in 2009 by Isabelle Postel-Vinay, a former journalist, B2P is a search engine dedicated to media on which more than 70 000 visuals from more than 300 brands (design, food, childhood and fashion) are centralized. 

Updated every day, these four lifestyle universes increase cross media coverage, the main goal of the platform being the optimization of brands and their products’ visibility among media and journalists. 

This initiative went from a simple observation: even though brands’ press services (internal or external) inform media of their latest news, there weren’t any complementary plaform gathering all the brand content in one place allowing media to research a specific thematic with no brands in mind, yet this research process represent more than 80% of the way they work. 

That’s why for more than 10 years, B2P has been developing its advanced research algorithm, gathering all brands content in a same place to increase their products visibility during journalist curation working process. An algorithm conceived to allow a simple execution of complex interactions, connecting relevant products at the right time with the accurate person is the purpose of the technology. 

Thanks to 10 years of research and development, B2P is today able to provide a reliable and powerful service as 4000 journalists regularly use the platform.

And because it’s never easy to have good command of a new tool, our team have been working actively to deliver an easy and intuitive ergonomic design, along with a dedicated support service. 

With the steadfastness of always getting better, B2P never stop improving its services the team is always attentive to its users’ ideas and comments.  

Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Bruno Massiet du Biest, Ronan le Moal and the SDAI have been supporting  B2P since 2011.

« The same way you go shopping in a shop or on a brand website to discover the latest collection, the departement store will be favored for a more specific research, when you look for a dress for example but with no specific brands in mind. In a similar process, journalists and media ask to brands’ PR services their latest news but go on B2P for a more exhaustive research, by thematics for example ». 

Isabelle Postel-Vinay,
Founder and President.